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Welcome Spring


Welcome Spring with a Real Backyard!

As temperatures climb in Maryland, thoughts turn to the backyard: is it ready for spring? If your outdoor living space needs some serious TLC, here are some great ideas for creating a natural, authentic backyard oasis.

Get decked out. The heart of any backyard is a solid wooden deck. It’s the perfect spot for grilling, sharing family meals, relaxing with friends, playing with the dog, and enjoying nature. Whether you have a deck that needs a little updating or you’re thinking of building a new wood deck, contact Clinton Fence for information, design and construction.

Welcome spring with a real wood deck for a
natural, authentic backyard oasis.

Add an outdoor room. Already have a wood deck? Great! So what’s next for your yard? Brad Staggs, HGTV and DIY show host and producer, and a licensed contractor, offers a few ideas: “Think outside the box and create a lovely little outdoor living room for your family and friends with a screened in room on the deck.  Add a garden bench and a couple of chairs, and a table.    Involve the entire family by building a simple bench and chairs, and let Mom pick out the perfect flower for the arbor. Then, sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor of your new screened in deck!”

Keep it real. Your deck and other outdoor living projects should mesh with your backyard and be a seamless partner with nature. Pressure-treated wood is the best option for decks and outdoor projects. It’s beautiful, strong, durable and affordable. When treated properly, wood is impervious to rot and pests. And treated wood is proven to be people- and pet-safe. Sure there’s a little bit of upkeep — no building products are truly maintenance-free. Every spring when you clean your home and wash and wax your car for the first time, take a look at your deck and see if it needs a little cleaning or perhaps another coat of sealant. That’s all it takes.

Concerned about our forests? Choosing wood for any home improvement project is a very wise environmental decision. Thriving, sustainably managed forests create a healthier environment for all of us. Choosing forest products — wood — encourages US landowners to keep replanting trees. The forest industry plants more trees than they harvest every single year, ensuring wood will be around for generations to come. Wood is one of the only naturally renewable building products available, and the only energy it requires to manufacture it comes from the sun. You can’t get much more green than that.

Deck or Porch Permit


Why do I need to get a permit to build a deck or Screen Porch?

wooddeckClinton Fence Company requires Permits for all of our Decks and Screen Porches. We carry all the decking materials you will need to build your deck.  All wood materials are ACQ (type of treatment used to preserve your wood with no toxic effects) and have a polymer type wax injected inside and on the outside.  We carry Vinyl decking, Composite decking and railing, and wood decking. We can install and obtain your permit, too!

There are several reasons and all are important.
Building codes are set up for your safety. When you apply for your permit at your local county office your drawings are checked for the code requirements for your project.
These requirements include but not limited to the following:

  1. •How many beams and posts you will need for proper sub-structure strength
  2. •The height of your railings or knee wall
  3. •The right height or rise of your steps
  4. •The spacing of your pickets for your railings
  5. •How the roof of your porch is attached to your existing home

These are just a few of the components of your project that are looked at, again all designed for your safety.

Homeowner Associations or HOA
So many neighborhoods have HOA requirements concerning any changes made to the exterior of your home.  Each HOA has its own specific process for obtaining an approval to do your project.  Some county’s require a copy of this approval before they will submit  a permit. If you are thinking in the near future of making any exterior improvement on your home it is best to start the process at least one month before you expect to start your project.  Typically it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get your HOA approval.