Do It Yourself Material Available

DO IT YOURSELF : Retail Materials

do-it-yourself-home-improvment-projectsOur retail showroom has many styles of fencing for your viewing and selection.  We have a complete welding shop for custom metal fencing and our wood shop can custom cut all kinds of picket styles.  Our gates our made on site so this allows you to custom create your gate.

Clinton Fence has a very helpful retail staff.  We can answer your questions on installation and help with the design of your fence.  We stock materials on our 5 acre site.  You never have to wait for someone to help you pull lumber off shelves or pull around an awkward cart.  With our help, you decide what you want and we put your order together and load it on your vehicle.

We can deliver your materials if you would like.  How easy is that!  You walk in, we help you put together the fence you would like, we load your materials and we can deliver.  You won’t have to lift a finger till the day you start your DIY project!

What about decking materials?  We have everything you would need to build your own wood, composite or vinyl deck..  We can help you design your deck and help with the permit process.  Would you like your deck materials delivered?  Yes we deliver decking material, too!

We carry all major credit cards including Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express. Credit Card in MD