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Choosing the right fence company

Warning Signs for Low Quality Fence Companies

Vinyl Fence -Carroll model 5ft panel

Vinyl Fence -Carroll model 5ft panel

If you are considering using a Southern Maryland fence company to install a new fence on your property, then you will want to do your research before you choose which specific company you want to hire. Not all fence companies are created equal. Some fence companies practice low quality construction techniques and have poor customer service. If you want your fence installation to be done right, then you need to locate a reputable fencing company. Here are warning signs that a specific fence company is of a lower quality:

  1. The company solicited you at your door

Do not trust door to door fence installation company solicitors. If a company has to go door to door to get its business, then odds are it is not a very reputable company.


  1. The fence company wants you to hire them right away

A decent fence company will give you a chance to do your research and shop around before you decide to hire them. If a fence company pressures you to choose them right away, it probably means that they don’t want you to check up n their reputation and business practices.


  1. The company asks you to file for the necessary work permits

All cities and counties will require a work permit to install a fence. A reputable fence installation company will file for the necessary work permits for you. If a company asks you to get the permits it probably means that they are missing the licenses, insurances and bonding required by the state. Avoid any fence company that asks you to get the required permits.


  1. You cannot find any information about the company

You should be able to locate the business’s information either by looking in person or by performing an online search. If you cannot find any information about a company, such as a business address, a phone number, a website or anything else, then odds are the company is neither local nor reputable. You can also check with your local Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce to find out information about local companies.


If you happen to come across any of these warning signs while you are searching for a fence company, you should probably keep looking for a reputable one. Avoid hiring a low quality fence company at all costs!

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