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Go Green with Real Wood

Home improvement companies in MD

Go Green with Real Wood: Brought to you by a deck and fence company in Maryland So many decking materials in stores today … which one to choose? If a beautiful, usable, long-lasting deck is your goal — and you’d like to do your part to protect the environment — then the choice is obvious:…

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Prioritize safety when power washing

New Wood Deck installed by Clinton Fence Company in Southern Maryland

Prioritize safety when power washing your deck, fences, and patios. Pressure washers have various levels of power. Some may be effective for washing cars, while stronger settings are often most effective at cleaning home siding. Patios, decks and outdoor entertaining areas often need some TLC. Homeowners looking forward to enjoying the warm air again often…

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Budget-friendly outdoor renovation ideas

patio furniture in maryland

A local Southern Maryland Fence Company shares: A little spray paint or some new cushions can refresh older patio furniture and give the outdoor space a completely new look. Homeowners are increasingly extending their living spaces outside the walls of their homes. Expansive and intricate stonework patios and decked-out outdoor kitchens are the kind of…

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How to check your deck for problems

Freshly installed porch in Long beach

How to check your deck for problems Homeowners in Maryland should periodically inspect their decks for signs of wear and tear to ensure their safety and that of their friends and family members. Summer party season is in full swing, and that means scores of people will be relaxing with family and friends on their…

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Steps to take before erecting a fence

Longevity Classic Scalloped Picket Fence installed by Clinton Fence in Southern Maryland.

Lots to do before installing a fence in Southern MD Fences serve many purposes on a property and can even add visual appeal and value to a home. A fence can effectively delineate property borders, serve as a safety barrier and keep pets and children from wandering into the street. According to Zillow, an online…

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Safety Guidelines, Fencing, New Parents in Southern MD

children safety fencing in Southern md

Safety guidelines for new parents in Southern Maryland. Welcoming a new child into a family dynamic requires certain adjustments on the part of family members. New parents have come to expect shortened sleep schedules as they handle early-morning feedings and babies who haven’t quite adjusted to their parents’ sleep/wake schedules. Parents soon learn another aspect…

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Home Improvements That Pay You Back

Home Improvements help sell ads in Southern MD

If you add a fence, deck or sunroom to your home it will make it more appealing. Making your home more appealing means it will increase in value and be easier to sell.  Statistics show you will be able to recoup 65- 90% of the fence investment.  But best of all you’ll be able to sell…

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Dog leash safety guidelines

fencing for pets in southern md

Leash, Collars and Fencing are all necessary to keep your pet safe. Keeping dogs on a leash when spending time outdoors protects both pets and humans. Many communities in Southern Maryland have leash laws, but regardless of such laws, responsible dogs owners often volunteer to keep their pets on a leash when they walk in public…

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You Can Expect With Wrought Iron Fencing

gazebo fence in Prince George's County

If you are looking for some new fencing options, then the chances are that you have considered using wrought iron fencing. This is a great option that is attractive to many people because of the versatility that is offered by the fencing. Even if you are using the best South Maryland wrought iron fence services,…

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A Quick Guide on How to Put Up Your Dream Fence


Everyone dreams of living in a safe and well-protected area. This attributes to the extended need for strong fences. However, the process of setting up fences is easier said than done. Most people don’t have time to do this, while  others are don’t have the required skills and knowledge! On the whole, what everyone needs…

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