Choosing the Right Ornamental Fence

Choosing the Right Ornamental Fence in Southern MD

When it comes to choosing a fence for your home, that is both decorative and functional, you have many different options. Most people think of wrought iron fences when they think of an ornamental fence. You can also get aluminum and steel fences as well that are very ornamental for the home. So let’s compare these three different types of fences so you can determine what would be best for your home. There are many factors to consider, aside from price. These include things like the weather where you live and any additional functions you want the fence to provide for your home.

Wrought Iron Fence

Let’s start with wrought iron. This is a very heavy-duty fence. It can stand up to much wear and tear. It’s also an ideal fence for security because it provides the vision you need, the strength, and the height to make it great for keeping unwanted guests out of your yard and home. Because wrought iron is a rigid fence, it works best on level ground. If you have to put it on a sloped surface, then you’ll need to install a stepped version, meaning some pieces will have to be bigger or angled to follow the terrain.

Aluminum Fence

Next up is the aluminum fence. This kind of fence can have the look and feel of wrought iron, but it’s lightweight. This maintenance-free fence will never have to be painted. It’s also sturdy, similar to wrought iron, and it won’t corrode no matter what the weather. Repairs on this type of fence are easy because you can replace a single picket instead of having to replace the whole fence.

It comes in different grades, ranging from residential to industrial. The higher the grade the more stable it is. Since aluminum fences are not as rigid as wrought iron, it can used more easily on a sloped or uneven location. If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint, then rest assured aluminum fencing is 100% recyclable. While it doesn't make the best security gate, due to flexibility, if you live by the sea, it’s great because it will not corrode from the salt water.

Steel Fence

Finally, there is the steel fence. This is a strong and long lasting fence. It’s heavy and works great in areas where there’s wind is an issue. They do rust unless you get galvanized steel, which has been treated with a powder coating to prevent rust. Steel fencing does make a great security gate because of its durability and rigidness. Steel fences are less practical for home use than wrought iron or aluminum fences because of how heavy they are and they are more difficult to install, in general.

Overall, consider the area to be fenced, the functions the fence will provide for your home, and the style you need. Wrought iron and aluminum fences can be much more decorative options. But of the two, wrought iron is becoming harder to find and more expensive to use. However, if you are looking for a show-stopping fence that also will keep you secure, wrought iron is the way to go.

Aluminum fences could be your best option, if you don't need a high level of security. But, there are better options if that’s your number one priority. If you live near water or in a damp climate, your best choice will be aluminum because it doesn't corrode. To find out what is best in your situation as well as your options, contact a reputable fencing company in your area. After all, they are the experts on fencing problems and solutions in your area.