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A Quick Guide on How to Put Up Your Dream Fence

fence-contractor-charles-county-mdEveryone dreams of living in a safe and well-protected area. This attributes to the extended need for strong fences. However, the process of setting up fences is easier said than done. Most people don’t have time to do this, while  others are don’t have the required skills and knowledge! On the whole, what everyone needs is a perfect, durable and sturdy fence which suits your home’s actual style. In fact, your fence should increase the value and look of your property.

Making Your own Fences

If you would like to install your own fence there are 6 things you need to know.

First of all, you must be prepared to do some digging. This can be a very tiring job. Nevertheless, the holes you dig will define the stability and sturdiness of your fence.

Secondly, depending on the type of fence you are installing you may need to protect and coat your fence.  This help prevent rotting in the future.  Even the best quality wood will rot over time.  Thus, you should coat and protect your fence when it is installed and then  frequently afterwards.

You should not mix concrete and wood while building fences. This is because the mixture would result in an unstable structure.

You need to plan a fair amount of time for your fencing project.  It’s a process.  It is common to feel excited and enthusiastic about the entire process. However, too much enthusiasm will result in a poorly planned and built fence.

Be sure to get the guidance from a quality fencing company or lumber yard concerning the amount of materials you need. 

Review the permitting codes in your area.  Each community has  different requirements.  Be sure to follow the ones from your location.

Choosing the right fence contractor

If you don’t have time for a DIY session, you should hire a skilled contractor. 

       1)  Be sure the company has experience and knows the local permitting process. 

       2)  Be sure you agree on any deposits to begin the job and when the balance is due.

       3)  The contract should state due dates and what occurs if these dates aren’t met. 

       4)  The contract should also verify about any hidden charges. Sometimes, you may land up with an estimate that has many untold costs. The additional fees will be added along the way.  Sometimes a contractors estimate is just that …an estimate and does not state everything you will be required to pay for.

       5) Be sure your contractor has the correct building licenses and certifications. 

       6) Just as with licenses you will want to make certain the fence contractor has insurance.  If something should go wrong they will be able to restore the property.

      7) Finally, verify the service provider’s warranty. Ask the contractor what his policy is regarding your satisfaction.  If there is a warranty ask for it in writing so you know what the warranty covers and how long you have to turn in issues you may find.

We hope these 13 points will help you in making a good fencing decision.

For all your fencing needs call Clinton Fence.  Clinton Fence offers a materials store and lumberyard to satisfy the needs of the Do It Yourselfer, as well as, professional installers for a job you can rely on.

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