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White Picket Fence

White Picket Fence

Are you planning to install vinyl fencing in your property in Maryland? Are you confused between choosing vinyl fencing or any other material? Are you worried about the unexpected costs of using a good material in fencing?

If your answer to all these questions is yes, then Clinton Fence is  here to guide through all your queries about vinyl fencing. Following are a few FAQs (frequently asked questions) with their answers that will guide you to make the right decision:

Is Vinyl Breakable?
Though vinyl products are very rigid, they are still subject to damage if a direct force is applied, for example a force from automobile, big animals, or rocks thrown out of mowers. If the fence is under normal use and well installed it will not break and remain in working condition. In most cases, the rails and pickets can be easily repaired or reinstalled. There is a wide variety of products available out there that range from virgin vinyl to recycled vinyl bottles.
Will a vinyl fence be as strong as a wood fence?
Yes!  Our boards are reinforced with additional vinyl cross-sections on the inside and the rails are slotted with aluminum.  This gives durability and strength to withstand wind, rain and your excited pooch!  The posts are a thick premium vinyl and are set in wet concrete.  No dry packing here!
Does Vinyl Fence Become Vulnerable In Winter?
Most PVC products tend to become less flexible and brittle in cold weather. If taken good care of, there are less chances or breakage or cracks in vinyl fences.
How Should We Clean Vinyl Fences?
Vinyl products, especially fencing are subjected to various elements like dirt, pollution and smoke to name a few. To keep your vinyl fencing looking as good as new, just clean them with a mild detergent and water. However; for tough stains, we will recommend soft scrubbing with water and baking soda.
Does Vinyl Fencing Need To Be Fixed In Concrete?
Yes. All vinyl fences should be fixed properly to the grounds to resist external forces; else these could collapse in case there is a force. A deep set up in pre-mixed concrete makes a good option.
Will Vinyl Fence Burn?
Good quality vinyl fencing requires 900 degrees of temperature to burn. An average temperature will cause least harm to your vinyl fencing. You can confirm this from your vinyl fence contractor before getting your fence installed.

Is Vinyl Fence Likely To Lose Color With Time?
Vinyl fences that are manufactured with titanium dioxide will never lose their color to sun. These can be a little expensive but then everything depends on your budget and your vinyl fence contractor.

How Safe Is Vinyl Fencing With Kids And Elderly Around?
No sharp screws, nails, or splinters are used in the installation of a vinyl fence, so damage or injury is highly unlikely. However; interior post caps are recommended if you have any horses or other tall animals nearby.

How Cost Effective Is Vinyl Fencing?
In general, good quality vinyl fencing can be more expensive than other fencing styles. But with their durability and grace, they eliminate the cost of maintenance and prove to be better option in the long run.

What if I need a special size gate?
Shoreline is our manufacturer and will custom build your gate to your needs.

I've got a hill and am concerned that the fence wont stay close to the ground and my dog will get out?
Our sections are not pre-fabed, they are custom built on site and can be racked so that they smoothly follow the grade of your yard.

My neighbors fence has rust where the sections meet at the post, will mine do that?
No!  Thats because the Clinton Fence system is routed so that there is no need for brackets or unsightly nails that rust.

If you are planning to install a good quality vinyl fence then visit These are renowned vinyl fence contractors and provide vinyl fence maintenance for existing fences.