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Tips for staining a wood fence

Tips for staining wood

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Staining wood can transform the look of everything from fencing to decking. While wood can be beautiful in its staining a wood fencenatural state, staining can protect the wood and complement landscaping and other home design elements.

Staining can seem like a simple project, and that is often true. However, certain woods, such as pine, cherry, maple, and birch, can be difficult to stain. Boards with attractive grain patterns also can absorb stain differently, resulting in blotching and uneven tone.

Before beginning a staining project, it is important for homeowners to test the stain chosen on a sample piece of wood to see how the color and absorption turnout. This gives homeowners the chance to understand what they’re dealing with and time to make any necessary accommodations to achieve a more even look.

Begin by gathering the necessary supplies. A pair of latex or vinyl gloves will protect your hands. Drop cloths will catch any drips or spills. Safety goggles and a dust mask provide protection if sanding is required prior to staining. If sanding is necessary, homeowners will need an orbital sander, hand sander, and sandpaper. Start with the coarsest grit sandpaper and move to a higher grit for a smooth finish. Wood that is covered in the paint may need to be stripped prior to sanding. Follow the directions carefully when using chemical strippers.

Natural bristle paint brushes are handy for oil-based stain applications. Synthetic paint brushes can apply water-based finishes. Many do-it-yourselfers find that foam brushes or paint pads are the handiest because they provide a smooth finish and there’s no need to clean up the brushes afterward.

Many professionals recommend using wood conditioners or pre-treaters so that the stain will not leave blotches on the wood. This is especially important for homeowners who determined their wood is prone to uneven color absorption. Allow the conditioner to dry according to product directions.

Stain should be applied so that it is evenly coated. Wipe off the excess to get the preferred color. Apply more stain as necessary to get the desired color. Many stains only offer color, so you’ll need to apply a finishing coat to protect the wood. Otherwise, look for a product that combines stain color and a finish to save time.

Remember to remove knobs, hinges, and handles from a piece before staining, as the stain may affect the color of any metal hardware and damage it.

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A Horse Farm Without a Horse Farm Fence Is An Ex-Horse Farm

A Horse Farm Without a Horse Farm Fence in Southern MD Is An Ex-Horse Farm

horse farm fencing in southern mdIn Southern MD the ultimate horse lover is one who is lucky enough to own their own horse. This is a dream that many will not be able to realize, so those that are fortunate enough to own one of these noble animals should consider themselves truly blessed. Sadly, it is sometimes the case the horse owner may love his horse far more than the horse actually loves the owner. As such, one needs to have an enclosure placed around their property because the minute their owner is not looking  the horse is going to sneak out and bolt for the hills.  Horse Farm Fencing is the answer to keep the horse safe and the happy.

While the horse will find no food, shelter, or even water if it runs away (it’s a horse), it doesnt have the capacity for critical thinking. If a horse could think critically, it wouldn’t run away. It would stay right where it is and mind its own business. But horses won’t do that.

What horse farm fence model should you purchase for your property?

Most traditional models of horse farm fence are made out of either wood or vinyl ñ and are usually white, so both the horse and the owner can see them. Brown or black might blend into the surroundings. Lifetime Vinyl Fence sells a number of relatively cheap vinyl models; and will ship them directly to your house.

Once you have received your horse farm fence, you will probably want to have a professional assemble it around the barn or connect the barn to it. This will give you peace of mind that your horse will be as secure as possible. Connecting to the barn  will allow you to leave the barn door open at all times, so the horse can either roam around the area enclosed by the horse farm fence or enter his stable.

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Is it time to update your home’s electrical system

What is the Best Fence to Improve privacy and security?

Security and privacy fencingFencing and well-placed plantings can improve privacy for homeowners in Southern MD.

Living in close proximity to one’s neighbors has its benefits. But many homeowners would no doubt admit that privacy at home is a good thing.

Whether homeowners are enjoying their yard in spring or summer or simply want their in-home activities to be less obvious to neighbors, their privacy is a year-round concern. If privacy is a concern, homeowners can take certain steps to ensure their homes stay or become the sanctuaries they were designed to be.

Window treatments and frosting

Windows allow natural light to enter a home, but windows also enable neighbors and others to see into a home. If thieves are the ones looking inside, wide open windows present a security issue. Window treatments are an effective way to add privacy to a home. Closing curtains or blinds limits others’ ability to see inside the house. Switch to more opaque window treatments when using interior lighting more often, as gossamer draperies may still make it possible for outsiders to understand what’s going on inside the home if people and items are backlit.

For those who do not want to compromise natural light, frosted windows can satisfy a desire for privacy. Windows can be purchased with frosting in place, and home improvement retailers sell various products that can create a frosted look.

Fencing and perimeter plantings

Traditional Fencing is one of the best ways to keep your yard private and secure.  Privacy fence not only creates privacy, but also stops noise pollution. Privacy fences come in various materials, colors and sizes, enabling homeowners to choose styles that fit their landscapes.

Pergolas and enclosed patios

Homeowners who like to entertain outdoors may want to make their outdoor living spaces more private. Pergolas allow light to filter through but obstruct direct view of patio activity, especially when combined with some gauzy draperies hanging on the sides. An enclosed patio or three-season room can be a worthwhile addition for homeowners who like to enjoy the great outdoors without being in the elements or on display for neighbors. Structures vary from screened-in porches to greenhouses to removable gazebos. Potted plants or trailing vines can soften the structural edges and help the privacy devices blend in with the natural surroundings.

Personal tactics

Homeowners who do not want their neighbors or others knowing what they’re up to in their free time can limit what they share through photos and descriptions on social media. Doing so also cuts down on neighbors’ curiosity. FH178267

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Picket Fence

A Staple of any Cottage, a Picket Fence Can Give Any Home a Quaint Feel

picket femcePerhaps one of the cutest and most quaint style of fence, the picket is a necessity for anyone who wishes to give their house the feel of a cottage. As one of the most popular wooden fence types, the picket fence’s sole job seems to be to simply mark off your own property or enclose a small front yard garden. Such a classic fence can bring liveliness to any home, especially those which happen to look like cottages or have the look of wooden siding. In all of its simplicity however, the picket fence of today can have a huge variety of options, making it a daunting task to pick the perfect picket fence.

When deciding on the right picket, you should firstly consider the different types of slats. You should choose whether you want them to be flat across the top, concave or convex and which of those options would be best to match with your style of house. Next, someone looking to build a fence should choose which materials the fence should be made of. Generally, a picket fence is constructed of cedar, a highly durable wood used in most wooden fence options. Also, it is necessary to determine which style of post cap to use on each of the fence posts. Despite all of the options available when choosing a modern day picket fence, constructing such a fence yourself has become a breeze over the years and most people who wish to have a weekend project will already have all of the tools necessary to construct one.

Once the fence has been constructed, there comes the daunting task of determining which color to go for on the finished product. Obviously, the classic picket is painted white. The classic white is always a great bet for people with white colored homes. However, if your home is another color you may want to consider your home’s color as an alternative to the white. Furthermore, you may want your picket fence to maintain its woodsy look, wherein you would simply stain and weatherproof it and be finished.

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Build a Good Wooden Fence Gate

Hanging the right fence gate, the right way!

_mg_1543Wow. Love what you’re doing out here, mac. Nice fence. Getting ready to add the gate? Good, good. Eh… you aren’t just going to hammer it in there, are you? You are? Oh, no reason. It’s just that the bottom of it is going to grind against the dirt, and after the first good rain, it’s going to droop and stop closing right.

Whether you’re building your fence to keep pets in, intruders out, or if you’re just setting it up so you can sunbathe without scaring the neighbors, a good, solid fence gate is crucial to the project–unless you’re planning on just hopping over the top ever time you try to get by it, you daredevil.

The first step is, of course, to put the fence gate posts into the dirt. There are two ways to do this effectively. The first method is to cement them into the ground, with a cement bridge running between both posts; this ensures that they’ll stay the same distance apart for a good, long time. It might not seem like it, but mother earth does her fair share of moving, especially during the rainy season. To make things worse, your fence, if it’s built right, will be pulling against the gate posts constantly. If you’re going for a more rustic look, you can forgo the cement bridge in favor of a timber one. The ultimate size of the fence gate opening is up to you, but remember to leave room for large tools, like lawnmowers and wheelbarrows, and if you have to pass through it before you reach your front door, remember that, sometime in the distant future, you might be purchasing something cumbersome and unwieldy, like a sofa or a piano, and that you’ll need to be able to carry it through.

To further remove the possibility of your posts creeping toward one another (or off in separate directions altogether) you can build a sturdy spacer above the gate fence as well. You can also give the fence gate a gable roof for a similar, but more visually appealing effect.

To determine the width of your fence gate, measure the space between both posts and then subtract one inch. This gives you a little breathing room on both sides of the door you’re about to add. For the door itself, you’re going to build a square frame from six pieces of timber. Four are to form the rectangle door-shape, the fifth is to go from corner to corner, diagonally, and the sixth will go across the middle, side to side. Get your measurements before you start so that you don’t make it too big or too small. Pare down some of your fence boards so that they’re a few inches shorter than the rest of the fence, and then nail them to the frame. You’ll probably have to cut or shave the last board in order for it to fit.

Now you need to hang the door onto the posts you planted; nail three T hinges to the back side of the frame of your door, and then nail the other ends to the posts. Then add a simple gate stop–a small piece of timber that prevents the fence gate from opening far enough to damage the hinges, and voila, c’est magnifique! Your fence gate is done, and you can sunbathe without receiving a cease and desist.

Now if only there were a way to provide similar protection to tree-bound squirrels and mid-flight birds…

If you’d rather have the weekend to relax Clinton Fence is happy to be your fence and gate installation company.  We’ll do the job right! Call us today.

Vinyl Fence Installation

Thinking of Taking On The Vinyl Fence Installation Yourself? Read This First

You! With the new vinyl fence! Stop right there!

vinyl fence installed First of all, it’s generally better to let a professional install this type of fencing for you. They’re trained in the art of vinyl fence installation kwon do, and can defend themselves far better than us mortals. If you’re the do-it-yourself type, though, nothing I can say will stop you, so I’ll give you a few words of warning.

Before you begin the vinyl fence installation, realize that these come pre-assembled. With a wooden fence, you have a little breathing room with your measurements. If something is too long, you can always pare it down. Not true with a vinyl fence. Since the material you’re working with is incredibly sensitive to temperature changes, and since the entire fence will usually be pre-assembled at a factory, you have to be incredibly accurate with all of your measurements. One slip up means that your fence is ruined.

Do you live in a cold climate? Let’s define cold with a little more accuracy: does your ground ever frost over in the winter time? Even a little? Then be aware that the cold ground is capable of ejecting your entire vinyl fence installation if the holes are not dug properly. By properly, I mean that the holes must be wider at the bottom than they are at the time. If the reverse is true, you need to widen them at the bottom. You must also ensure that your posts are going to go well beneath frost depth.

You must, in any climate, leave room fro the vinyl to move. Try your vinyl fence installation on a temperate day. If you do it when it’s too hot or too cold, the fence might change radically when the weather changes to the opposite extreme. If you installed the pieces of the fence to tightly together, get ready to do the entire job over again: it’s going to pop right out of the ground. Make sure you obtain the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them to the letter.

Does all of this sound like a lot of work? If not done correctly you’ll waste more money than you can save by hiring a professional company like Clinton Fence. Clinton Fence offers reasonable prices and quality work.  We’d love to talk to you about your new fence installation.

Shadowbox Fence

The Shadowbox Fence not Only Fences Your Home, but Provides an Aesthetically Pleasing Landscape

lewes-pool2-whiteHomeowners generally purchase a fence for one of two reasons ñ to keep people out or to keep your pets or children from straying too far from your home. Whatever the reason, when it comes time to choosing a fence, there are generally two distinct choices. The first and cheaper alternative is the chain link fence which serves both purposes well but provides a terribly ugly look to your front or back yard. Alternatively, you can purchase a wood fence which will generally cost a little more, but will provide you with all of the necessary protection of a fence but without the obtrusive look of chain link. When you think about a wood fence, you can narrow down your choices even further by the variety of different wooden fence choices available.

Of the wooden fences, one of the most popular is the shadowbox fence. This fence, unlike many other wooden fences, is aesthetically pleasing to both yourself and your neighbors surrounding you. Because of its alternating board placement on the front and the back of the fenceís structure, the shadowbox looks exactly the same from the view from your house as it does from any neighborís homes around you. Furthermore, after you are finished with the construction of your shadowbox fence, you can stain it to match any outdoor furniture you may have or to match your home itself.

As with any fence, there are some advantages and disadvantages to the shadowbox fence. Firstly, since there are small gaps between each of the boards due to their alternating nature, the fence is able to let wind pass through meaning that a strong gust will not blow a shadowbox over. Also, the shadowbox fence is built in such a way that you can cement the posts into the ground for added durability. However, the drawback of a shadowbox lies in the boards themselves. Depending on the wood choice, a shadowbox fence’s boards may warp or turn over the years since they are not supported on the sides by any other boards.

Choosing the right fence company

Warning Signs for Low Quality Fence Companies

Vinyl Fence -Carroll model 5ft panel

Vinyl Fence -Carroll model 5ft panel

If you are considering using a Southern Maryland fence company to install a new fence on your property, then you will want to do your research before you choose which specific company you want to hire. Not all fence companies are created equal. Some fence companies practice low quality construction techniques and have poor customer service. If you want your fence installation to be done right, then you need to locate a reputable fencing company. Here are warning signs that a specific fence company is of a lower quality:

  1. The company solicited you at your door

Do not trust door to door fence installation company solicitors. If a company has to go door to door to get its business, then odds are it is not a very reputable company.


  1. The fence company wants you to hire them right away

A decent fence company will give you a chance to do your research and shop around before you decide to hire them. If a fence company pressures you to choose them right away, it probably means that they don’t want you to check up n their reputation and business practices.


  1. The company asks you to file for the necessary work permits

All cities and counties will require a work permit to install a fence. A reputable fence installation company will file for the necessary work permits for you. If a company asks you to get the permits it probably means that they are missing the licenses, insurances and bonding required by the state. Avoid any fence company that asks you to get the required permits.


  1. You cannot find any information about the company

You should be able to locate the business’s information either by looking in person or by performing an online search. If you cannot find any information about a company, such as a business address, a phone number, a website or anything else, then odds are the company is neither local nor reputable. You can also check with your local Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce to find out information about local companies.


If you happen to come across any of these warning signs while you are searching for a fence company, you should probably keep looking for a reputable one. Avoid hiring a low quality fence company at all costs!

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Finding the right fencing fit

Choice the right fence company in Southern MD to:

  • Find the right fencing fit
  • Learn about the different types of fencing and their uses
  • Estimate how much the fencing will cost


Homeowners choose to erect fences on their properties for various reasons. A local fence company in Southern Maryland explains, “Parents may find fences provide peace of mind during those times when their youngsters are playing in the yard, while other homeowners prefer fences for the privacy they can provide.”

Whatever compels homeowners to consider fencing for their properties, those that have decided to install fencing will soon realize they have numerous options.

Finding the right fencing material for your property requires considering a host of factors, including budget and personal style.


Aluminum fencing is ideal for those looking for something that’s both ornamental and functional. Aluminum fencing may not appeal to those homeowners whose biggest priority is privacy, as aluminum fences are not solid walls. But aluminum fences are typically low maintenance, and they can be effective at keeping both kids and pets in the yard. Aluminum fences painted with a rust-inhibiting primer may require even less maintenance than aluminum fences painted without primer.


Bamboo is a less traditional fencing option that may appeal to homeowners who want to do something that’s both different and eco-friendly. Bamboo grows naturally, which should appeal to homeowners who want their homes to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. Bamboo provides ample privacy and comes in various styles. Homeowners should consult with a fencing specialist before choosing a style so they can be certain they choose the most climate-appropriate option.


Chain-link fences may not add the aesthetic appeal homeowners are looking for, but they are relatively inexpensive, durable and functional. Chain-link fences are low maintenance, though homeowners looking for fences to provide some privacy may need to get creative if they install chain-link fencing. Planting flowers, shrubbery or trees near chain-link fences can add some aesthetic appeal and a little privacy.


Among the more expensive fencing options, vinyl can make up for that initial sticker shock thanks to its durability. In addition, vinyl fences require little maintenance, saving homeowners the expense of paying for upkeep such as repainting. Vinyl fencing comes in various styles, and homeowners can choose the style that best suits their priorities with regard to aesthetic appeal and privacy.


Of course, no discussion of fencing would be complete without mentioning wood fencing. Many homeowners love wood fencing because of its versatility with regard to design and color. The options are endless when it comes to crafting wood fencing, which also can be stained in any color homeowners prefer. Wood fencing can be designed not only for homeowners who prioritize privacy, but it also can be crafted for homeowners for whom privacy is not a significant concern. Wood is a relatively inexpensive fencing material, but the maintenance required to keep wood fencing looking great can sometimes be costly and time-consuming.

Options abound for homeowners looking to add fencing to their properties. Homeowners hesitant to choose a material and/or install their own fencing can consult the professionals from a local fence company located in Southern Maryland, Clinton Fence, to find the best fencing fit for their properties.

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Vinyl Fencing Company in Maryland

vinyl fence copyVinyl fencing makes the perfect perimeter fence for many reasons. Vinyl fences make great privacy fencing. And it  helps keep your home secluded.  Vinyl fencing helps protect you from criminals and thieves,  and it keeps your yard peaceful from stray animals and rambunctious neighbors.  Vinyl fencing may look lightweight but it’s as strong as other fencing made from wooden, metal or cable.

Vinyl Privacy fencing is often designed with groove pickets locking collectively for complete privacy and security and the most advanced have elegant aluminum support on the bottom railing. For more a unique designs consider making custom requests at the time of the purchase. Having a professional install vinyl fence at your residence ensures you’ll have complete privacy faster than installing the fence yourself.

Fence design available at most hardware stores, lumber companies and fence companies, include; picket toppers, lattice, and horizontal railing configurations. Different fence styles will refresh and improve the look of the home. There are misguided thoughts with regards to vinyl fences, dating from years ago when vinyl turned yellow with time, sun and weather exposure.

Vinyl fencing is almost maintenance free today when compared to other fence types. A high-quality vinyl fence no longer yellows over time from weather exposure. Today, vinyl fences are treated with additives that increase the fences durability and prevents ultraviolet degradation.

But remember not all vinyl is created equal so it’s important to purchase your fence from a reputable dealer offering high-quality vinyl.  Good quality vinyl can last a lifetime so it’s an investment you don’t want to take lightly when choosing your installer.

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